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People I look up to

I look up to one person. My Mother.

Music I listen to

If you discover a link that is nolonger working please leave a message and I'll go find one that will image


Like A Stone Show Me How To Live
How You Remind Me Savin Me Rockstar If Everyone Cared
Bad Day
You're Beautiful
In My Daughter's Eyes Indepence Day Broken Wing

The Remedy (I Won't Worry) Curbside Prophet
Leaving on a Jet Plane (Armageddon)
White Flag

This last one takes a bit of explaining. I'm one of those wierd people who love bag pipe music. No, I'm not scottish or Irish. I don't have either in my heratage. I'm actually German, Canadian, Polish, and some kind of Norse/Swiss (I always forget which). Anyway, continuing on. My favorite song, well technically melody in this case, is Amazing Grace played on the bag pipes. It's very erie and bittersweet. I went looking for it and found it as the score to FDNY 343 tribute. It's not the best one I've heard, but the video is a 911 photo montage. Listening to it and seeing the photos, it seemed right.

Page flipping good!!!

Ug! Listing individual books would take up the whole fracking page. Hows about authors. Remember people, I'm eclectic and left of center. Only go looking for these if you don't mind falling down my rabbit hole.

My Fav. Authors:
Robert Heinlein,Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan
Kenneth Von Gunden, J. R. Ward, Patrick Rothfuss 
George R.R. Martin, Michelle Sagara West, Donitka K. Paul
Piers Anthony, Gregory McGuire, Carol Berg
Anne McCaffery


TV shows I watch

Oh, man. There's a lot of them.

Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG 1, 4400, Torchwood,
Buy A Clue: Psych, House, Bones
Reality: ANTM, Project Runway, Animal Precinct, WYWO, the house flipping shows on TLC
Cooking: Top Chef, Iron Chef America,
Misc: George Lopez, Dog Whisperer, Dog shows in general (I.E. Westminister)
Sports: Swimming, Gymnastics, Ice Skating

My Rabbit Hole - Prose by Psik

Careful! That first step is a doozy!!!

My Site:
Alternate Fates

Christmas Wish

Definately NOT Worksafe:
Ilsa de Paraiso
SNTP: Season 3

Random Bits of Whatever I Darn Well Feel Like

Location! Location! Location!
*I'm not really in HI. Haven't been since I was, oh 6ish. Wish I was. And since I don't disclose my location, I might as well tell you where I would rather be. And what I'd rather be doing.* It's beautiful. Touching. Poingnant. If you ever get the chance to see it do so.
-Diamond Head: The view from the top is amazing. The hiking trails are a must.
-Sea Life Park Hawaii: To this day I still remember the Dolphin Cove Show.
-Honolulu Zoo: I got to pet giraffes and a bird pooped on me while we were eating lunch under a tree! Funny what you remember from your childhood.
-Honolulu Memorial: Visiting there. Have pictures of me with my maternal Grama. My Mom. My Dad. My Cabbage Patch Kid.
-Eating Huli-huli Chicken.
-Building sand castles and swimming on Waikiki Beach.

My Love...
-I actually cobbled together my Tom Welling/Superman Avatar. It was my first one ever! The grainyness happened when i converted the edited images into an aimated Gif. I've been using it for, oh two years.
-Briefly had one of Gerard Butler (that I did as well) around the time P.S. I Love You came out. Amazing movie. A must see -but have at least one box of klennex handy. Even I cried!!!
-However, Tom is my true love and it didn't take long before I returned him to his rightful place. Yes, I'm slightly obcessed. Contrary to how I may sound, I am not stalker-scary. I've never even once thought of writting him or any kind of tattoo'ages.

-I chose the Maldives background because it was the closest one to Hawaii
-My favorite songs are Amazing Grace, What a Wonderful World by Lou Armstrong, World by Five For Fighting.
-Scooby-Doo is my all-time fav. He-Man was totally hot!!! The Snorks were trippy. And Smurfette had it made! Lucky, blue, bi-...
-The ONLY romantic movies I like are Pretty Woman, French Kiss, Kate & Leopold, The American President, The Princess Bride, The Ugly Truth, P.S. I Love You.
-Our next Shepherd WILL be named Jerry Lee. Regardless of color or gender.
-I always cry when I watch Turner & Hooch and watch it whenever it's on TV even though I know what happens.
-I still miss Brenna. I worry about Dutchess. Princess has to see a specialist.
UPDATE 01/12/2011
-2009-2010 sucked.
-Princess was put down two days before Christmas. Don't ask. I'm not ready to talk about it. Our next Shepherd is male and is not named Jerry Lee. You-know-who had thier heart set on Timber. And OMG, do they make a doggie Bean-O?

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    Thank you for letting me know about Sandy's death sweety, I 'm so sad.
    I feel bad for not visiting her or leaving a message for her when she was still well.

    I hope you are well, and miss our times together.

    ~Tammy/aka Earth2luna


    Reply from psikfreak:

    ye gods! pushing a year later and im replying. youre very welcom luna. its been crazy. real crazy. Xo and i have had our hands full trying to keep S2WW going in LPs memory. plus all the real life crazys. if you have a moment drop me a pm. id love to hear how you are. catch up and all.

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    Hello Psi!

    Just popping by to say it was fun reading your interview!
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    For the one with a CUTE avi!

    Lol, how are you?
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    Well Hello Psi! Just dropping a comment~
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    Hey psik - hope ur summer's going well!

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